An AIDS-Free Generation
Stigma-Free Faith Communities
Stigma-Free Faith Communities

A Stigma-Free Faith Community...
  1. Talks openly about HIV and AIDS, as well as related issues such as sexual behavior and gender inequality
  2. Consistently and repeatedly gives messages of compassion, not judgment, toward people living with HIV
  3. Describes HIV and AIDS as medical conditions, not punishment for immoral behavior
  4. Provides basic facts about HIV and AIDS, including methods of transmission, treatment and prevention
  5. Encourages all members to engage fully in the life of the faith community, regardless of HIV status
  6. Focuses on providing care and support to people living with HIV, rather than on how they became infected
  7. Encourages positive living through education and support groups for people living with HIV
  8. Actively encourages testing for all members and facilitates access to voluntary counseling and testing
  9. Affirms the individual responsibility of all members to know their HIV status and to refrain from behavior that risks transmission of HIV
  10. Works proactively with other organizations to address HIV and AIDS issues in the wider community
Fast Track

Faith and Stigma on the Fast Track

A call to action for faith communities to do their part in reaching the UNAIDS Fast Track targets by the year 2020.


"A Faith Leader's Guide to Ending the Stigma of HIV and AIDS"

Practical techniques for dealing with stigma in your faith community. Now available for downloading in a variety of languages.


Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your faith community regarding the stigma of HIV and AIDS.


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